Ryo Currency

Why should I invest in Ryo?

  1. Ryo is backed by a full featured and balanced development team and is based on Monero which is being very actively developed.
  2. Ryo was created with a long-term vision in mind. The coin emission path is quite similar to Bitcoin with the majority of coins to be distributed within 20 years.
  3. Ryo has a very high privacy setting that is suitable for all high confidential transactions as well as for storage of value without being traced, monitored or identified. We call this true fungibility. This means that each coin is equal and interchangable; it is highly unlikely that any coin can ever by blacklisted due to previous transactions. In the long run, we believe these characteristics will pay off as crypto attacks become more sophisticated with much greater computation power in the future.

What is a "camel distribution" and how is it different than XMR or BTC?

Ryo's block reward changes every 6-months following a "Camel" distribution model. Our emission scheme is inspired by real-world mining production comparable to crude oil, coal and gas which is often slow at first, accelerated in the next few years before declining and becoming depleted. However, the emission path of Ryo is generally not that far apart from Bitcoin.

How about development path/team for Ryo?

Ryo wants to be a cryptocurrency that can be used easily by normal users, not only developers, so we focus on:

  1. Developing GUI wallets for both desktop (Win/Mac/Linux) and mobile along with online wallet for beginners.
  2. Working with payment gateways to make RYO a viable cryptocurrency accepted widely among merchants.
  3. Keeping improvement in coin security, untraceability and privacy.

Core developers: @Fireice_uk, @psychocrypt

Contributors: @mosu_forge

PR Team: @Kesior, Soapy Fresh

Do you have any relationship with The Monero Project?

No. While we have full respect for all core developers of The Monero Project who are competent, open and smart, however, we've never had the opportunity to contribute anything to Monero yet (we hope we will).

What's your history with Sumokoin?

We parted ways after one of the devs failed to disclose with the public a 400 000 coins premine unlocking years earlier [1]. Then two other team members resigned for a week [2], one of which came back declaring "the i am getting out was a mislead to earn time" [3]. Meanwhile Sumokoin decided to fork back to an ASIC-friendly algorithm.

I have Sumokoin, how can i claim my Ryo?

  1. You can claim your Ryo, if you had Sumokoin before they forked at block #137500. Ryo Currency as a chain fork kept all the transactions -and thus coins you had in your wallet- up and until Sumokoin forked at block #137500. To further secure your Ryo, we're going to tie the coins to a block after the fork.
  2. First, install the latest Ryo wallet. Run it and generate a new wallet. Write down the seeds. Copy the MAIN ADDRESS under the RECEIVE tab. Then from the Ryo gui, click SETTINGS ยป NEW WALLET and restore your Ryo from the same seeds used for your old Sumokoin wallet in the Ryo GUI.
  3. Send all your coins to the new Ryo MAIN ADDRESS you copied before.
  4. After this, you can safely transact Sumokoin, it's important to first move your Ryo, before you move your Sumokoin.
  5. If you are comfortable using the CLI, you can just SWEEP ALL Ryo to yourself instead of all the above.

How do i mine Ryo Currency?

Son of a Tech will hold your hand in setting up your miner and wallet: How & Why to Mine Ryo Currency.