Ryo Currency
[UPDATE] Ryo Currency ''Fermi Paradox'' v0.6.1.0 Release. View Ryo v0.6.1.0 release on GitHub.
[UPDATE] Ryo Wallet Atom 1.5.1 has updated to version 1.5.1. Please make sure you run the latest wallet version .

Confidently Transact with the Highest Degree of Anonymity


Ryo was conceived with the highest levels of privacy in mind. Ring Confidential Transactions with minimum ringsize of 25 were implemented to conceal every transaction in Ryo network.
Following migration to zk-proofs will make potential tracing of Ryo recipients even more impossible. Have piece of mind knowing that what you choose to do with your money is your business, not anyone else's.


As privacy is the core foundation of Ryo, sending and receiving addresses are encrypted and transaction amounts are obfuscated by default. Disposable ghost addresses conceal your real Ryo address from senders, allowing for truly anonymous and untraceable transactions. Our uniform payment ID system, makes transactions that use payment ID-s untraceable and hides the very fact that you use ID-s.


Ryo adds privacy to the core of Satoshi's vision of a decentralized, trustless cryptocurrency. Many other initially GPU oriented cryptocurrencies fell prey to centralization caused by ASICS/FPGA/BOTNETS.
Ryo will (as it has in the past) not allow this type of centralization to occur on its network through continued development of Ryo and its Cryptonight-GPU algorithm.


Ryo is truly fungible because of its built-in privacy features. Just like cash, nobody knows who had possession of any particular coin before them. Even better than cash, nobody knows the identity of who they're sending their coins to. It is extremely unlikely that Ryo will ever be blacklisted by any third party due to any association in prior transactions.


Ryo allows you to use a new ghost address for every transaction you receive. Never receive coins with the same address twice, even further reducing the astronomically tiny chance of you and your transactions to be traced.

Easy to Use

Our Ryo Wallet Atom and Web wallet Quasar are user friendly wallets that let you store, send and receive Ryo. They are available on both PC and phone platforms.
Our desktop wallet Atom is one of the most easy-to-use and intuitive wallets around and it also supports GPU SOLO mining, view-only wallets and has many more features.

Choose Your Ryo Wallet

Desktop GUI Wallet - Ryo Wallet Atom

Current version: 1.5.1-

Intuitive and feature rich Desktop GUI wallet with built-in SOLO mining pool.

Windows version Linux: Linux (AppImage) / Archive (.tar)
SHA256 Checksums


Ultra-fast WEB based wallet - Ryo Wallet Quasar. Quasar brings the user friendly interface of our desktop GUI wallet (Atom) to the web.
When using Chrome-based browsers Quasar can be set up as Desktop App.

Location: ryowebwallet.com
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Command line

Ryo Wallet in form of cli (Command Line Interface) binaries - for power users, developers, pool owners.
Available as precompiled binaries and source code for manual compiling.

Windows Mac OSX Linux Source Code
SHA256 Checksums / Blockchain Snapshot

Online Wallet Generator

Generate Ryo address and keys by visiting Ryo paper wallet generator page.

Important notices:

- Make sure you saved generated 14 words mnemonic seed phrase and wallet address for later usage in Ryo Wallet Atom or Quasar.

- Do not share or disclose generated seed address to others.

Mobile Platforms

Android + iOS support is available> for Ryo Wallet Quasar

Being built with PWA technology when opening Ryo Wallet Quasar you will be prompted to install it as a fully functional app on your mobile device.

Technical Specifications



Block Time

240 Seconds
Difficulty adjusted every block

Block Reward

33.21 Ryo / Block + Fees
Adjusted every six months

Total Supply

88,188,888 coins in 20 years
(including 8M dev. fund)
Then 263,000 coins each year for inflation