Ryo Currency
Released Ryo Currency 'Pie Orbital' v0.3.2.0 Release. View Ryo v0.3.2.0 release on GitHub.
Released Ryo Wallet Atom 1.1.0 View Ryo Wallet Atom 1.1.0 update on GitHub.

Confidently Transact with the Highest Degree of Anonymity


Ryo was conceived with the highest levels of privacy in mind. From day one, Ring Confidential Transactions (RingCT) with minimum ringsize (mixin) of 12 were implemented to conceal every transaction. Ryo Blockchain analysis is impractical. Have piece of mind knowing that what you choose to do with your money is your business, not anyone else's.


As privacy is the core foundation of Ryo, sending and receiving addresses are encrypted and transaction amounts are obfuscated by default. Disposable ghost addresses conceal your real Ryo address from senders, allowing for truly anonymous and untraceable transactions.


Ryo adds privacy to the core of Satoshi's vision of a decentralized, trustless cryptocurrency. Many other cryptocurrencies fell prey to centralization caused by ASICS. Ryo will - as it has in the past - not allow this type of centralization to occur on its network through continued development of Ryo and its Cryptonight-Heavy algorithm.


Ryo is truly fungible because of its built-in privacy features. Just like cash, nobody knows who had possesion of any particluar coin before them. Even better than cash, nobody knows the identity of who they're sending their coins to. It is extremely unlikely that Ryo will ever be blacklisted by any third party due to any association in prior transactions.


Ryo allows you to use a new ghost address for every transaction you receive. Never receive coins with the same address twice, even further reducing the astronomically tiny chance of you and your transactions to be traced.

Easy to Use

The Ryo Wallet is an user friendly, easy to learn wallet that lets you store, send and receive Ryo. Our GUI wallet is one of the most easy-to-use and intuitive wallets around.


Next Generation GUI Wallet

Current version: Atom 1.1.0-

Meet Atom, the new Electron based Ryo Wallet. Being the foundation for further development, this wallet brings several improvements over previous GUI wallet.

Command-Line Wallet

Current version: v0.3.2.0 "Pie Orbital"

For power users, download the command line wallet and daemon. Available on many platforms you'll have complete control over your Ryo.

Technical Specifications


ASIC Resistant

Block Time

240 Seconds
Difficulty adjusted every block

Emission Scheme

Camel Distribution
Inspired by real-world mining production

Block Reward

48.59 Ryo / Block + Fees
Adjusted every six months

Total Supply

88,188,888 coins in 20 years
(including 8M dev. fund)
Then 263,000 coins each year for inflation

Circulating Supply

7,812,023 (8.85% of total)
As of 21 Nov 2018

Development Fund

8.0 million coins.
Will be emitted together with the block reward over 6 years.

Unlocked Premine

100,000 Sumo
Unlocked to Sumokoin devs in 2017

Whitepaper & Academic Study

Ryo, as a fork from Monero which itself was initially based on the CryptoNote protocol, inherits all whitepapers and academic studies from CryptoNote and Monero Research Lab. Additionally, Ryo has pioneered technologies such as Cryptonight-Heavy, which have been used by numerous other Monero forks.

Development Path

  • 2017

  • June, 2017

    Sumokoin v0.1.2.0

    Hardfork release to implement new difficulty adjustment algorithm to deal with flash-hashrate surges.

  • July, 2017

    GUI Wallet

    Sumokoin GUI wallet released which will end up being forked by many other cryptonote-based coins.

  • September, 2017

    Sumokoin Easy Miner

    Intuitive, easy-to-use GUI miner for Sumokoin and many other cryptonote-based coins

  • December, 2017


    Subaddresses support to improve coin privacy, also known as "Ghost" addresses.

This is a roadmap suggested by our developers but can be changed to reflect new project targets and the developer's vision. Implementation timelines are not fixed and subjected to actual development resources.

Core developers: @Fireice_uk, @psychocrypt, @mosu_forge

Contributing Team: @RyoRU, @Nostradamus411

Credit is due to the Monero Project. Without it Ryo would not be possible. Monero is a great project, but the Ryo Team believes we can create a more secure cryptocurrency by enabling higher mixins from the start, implementing new private transaction system that retrofits to support old payment ID system.

Credit is also due to Nicolas van Saberhagen and the CryptoNote team for their original work on the cryptonote whitepaper, as well as the Bytecoin project for creating the first CryptoNote-based coin.

Ryo is primarily a technology focused project, thus we do not spend large amounts of funds for marketing purposes. The founders believe that users looking for a higher level of privacy will seek out and find us. We encourage the community to speak about Ryo in their community.

  • 2018

  • April, 2018

    Sumokoin v0.3.1.0 + Cryptonight-Heavy

    Hardfork release to implement new ASIC resistant Proof of Work algorithm.

  • April, 2018

    LITE Wallet

    Lite GUI wallet released allowing remote nodes for users who do not want to download the full blockchain.

  • June,

    Start of RYO

    Sumokoin hardforked to ASIC friendly POW and Ryo continued on with the original chain.

  • July, 2018

    Ryo Currency 'Free Radical' v0.2.0

    Our first full release, including features such as multisig, wallet RPC auth, fluffy blocks, bulletproofs (not enabled yet), much shorter 'kurz' addresses for people who don't need a viewkey, and short 14-word seed secured by a proper crc-12 checksum.

  • July, 2018

    GUI Wallet v0.2.0

    Rebranded GUI wallet with new features such as dark theme and responsive windows.

  • August, 2018

    Ryo Currency 'Pie Orbital' v0.3.0

    Introducing dev fund, and various bug fixes.

  • August, 2018

    Online wallet generator

    Our new paper wallet generator with full support of short seeds and kurz addresses.

  • September, 2018

    Ryo Wallet - Atom

    Initial release of architected from scratch, developed with a modern Electron codebase feature rich wallet.

  • October, 2018

    Pay with Ryo

    Ryo Payments WooCommerce Gateway is released, as well as Ryo Official Store.

  • Ryo Business Room

    The Ryo Business Room is channel where we can build a community of people with a large interest in Ryo-currency. It exists to foster ecosystem development and incentivise holding while enabling business people to work together.

  • Core code development

  • Private payment ID system

    Removal of payment ids and replacing them with a private system that's retrofitted to support the old ids

  • x5 - x10 daemon performance optimisation

    Eliminating major bottleneck and a good target for performance optimisation of wallet and blockchain sync times.

  • Ring signatures (ring sizes 100+)

    Faster processing + Bulletproofs + more anonymous rings, to enable truly anonymous ring signatures, instead of plausible deniability like with low ring sizes of today.

  • Cryptonote blockchain compression

    Cryptonote blockchain compression, down into below 1 GB sizes for Monero, 100MB for Ryo.

  • Electrum-like wallets

    Combination of faster processing and compressed blockchain extracts and a specialised server.

  • Infrastructure development

  • Ryo-Wallet development

    Continuous development of Electrum-based Ryo Wallet.

  • Web/Online Wallets

    Secure web-based wallet.

  • Mobile Wallets for Android & iOS Devices

    Porting Ryo-Wallet on mobile platforms.

  • Payment processors and services

    Development and establishing partnership with various payment processors and services.

  • Developer tools

    Development and upgrade of various tools and components for developers.

  • XMR-Stak GUI Interface

    GUI interface for one of the most popular miner software.